We partnered with the five borough-wide Chambers of Commerce to talk Census & Business

On December 9, we hosted a city-wide chambers breakfast to engage businesses across New York City with the upcoming 2020 Census.

Even in the rain, we had a full house, with everyone eager and engaged in learning about the importance of an accurate Census Count in 2020, as well as the impacts of the Census on our communities and businesses. As you know, businesses not only stand to benefit from a complete Census count, but in fact are crucial players in communicating the importance and opportunity of the Census to community members, their customers and their associates.

Melva Miller presenting.

At the event, our Executive Vice President Melva Miller presented a one-pager to get Chambers to engage their membership around the 2020 Census including a series of actions businesses can take including posting on social media to designating Census Days in the new year to encourage participation. Please download our Chambers one-pager here to find out how your business can play your part.